Using a Private Investigator to Assist Debt Recovery

Sometimes negotiations do not work. All the phone calls, demand letters and reasoning will not get a debtor to pay. At times your customer has no intentions in resolving this debt that is rightfully owed to your company and all routine debt recovery practices have been utilized. Times like this takes thinking outside the box and it’s time to get someone in the field making you a priority.

When utilizing a Private Investigator (P.I.) to supplement your debt recovery efforts, timing is the key. It should not be only used as a last minute effort, Private Investigators are to be used to gather info to strengthen your case. It pays to use a P.I. that has experience in debt recovery and asset liability investigations.

debt recovery agency private investigator
A P.I.’s main objective is to strengthen your debt recovery

On-site Investigations

When a P.I. goes out to visit a business, their main objective is to gather information to strengthen your debt recovery, not to harass the debtor company or staff. They can interview employees, take pictures of applicable assets and gather as much info as they can prior to being asked to leave. The gathered information can help reinforce your case and also usually results in a call back to the debt recovery agency from the debtor to revisit the case.

A private investigator can also be helpful for different investigative services. These include assisting with skip tracing, asset searches, asset liability investigations, business investigations and collections services. In general, a P.I. is a great tool to keep in your toolbox when you require extra strength and need to dedicate the due diligence to be successful with those difficult debt recovery cases.