3 Tips for Selecting the Right Commercial Collection Agency

The market of debt crecovery is overcrowded with lots of commercial collection agencies, companies and firms offering their services in the field of debt recovery. Here are 3 more tips to consider when selecting a partner in the debt collection process.

top 3 tips for choosing right commercial collection agency
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1. Make a study.

Debt collection agencies may vary in size and range from local firms working only within one state to big international companies with an international network of certified investigators and experience attorneys. Choose the right agency meeting your requirements. Alexander, Miller & Associates offer a wide range of debt recovery services in Houston and nationwide using their cutting edge techniques and methods and cooperating with their extensive network of examined professionals.

2. Choose the right specialization.

Your industry may require specific solutions as each field of business differs in its features. If a collection agency specializes in your industry, it has the required experience to deal professionally with the faced challenges. Alexander, Miller & Associates deals with debt collection in all industries, including trucking transportation & freight, heavy equipment rental, restaurant supply, wholesale produce and seafood, staffing and building supply.

3. Compare Contingency Fees.

The most wide-spread payment models are flat fee which is usually quite small and offered in the early stage of debt collection process and contingency. In AMA firm our low contingency rates are only charged once we collect. We offer a no collection, no cost service.