Why In Person Asset Evaluation Matters


Assessing the value of a company can be tricky. You need to understand the value of both the physical property and capital a business has, but also the potential value of intellectual properties, workflows, and the company as a whole package.

Understanding these values can help you make smarter choices when it comes to lending, buying, or selling with another company. But when you go to collections, knowing the value of a company that owes you is even more important.

So what do you look for when assessing a potential business partner, customer, or investment?

  • What are the company’s actual assets, split between tangible and intangible? 
  • How should you choose which value assessments to use?
  • Does this company give an accurate representation of their value?
  • Can I see the value and assets for myself, or am I being sold on them?
  • What’s the best method for assessing these assets?

While there are many facets of discerning value, in debt collection, one of the most important aspects is getting real values. When a company can’t satisfy an outstanding debt, it’s hard to know how secure your own income is.

That’s why it’s imperative that you get a real, honest, and complete assessment of any business that owes you for goods or services. The absolute best way to get that assessment is by seeing it for yourself, or at least through a proxy.

Trust Your Own Eyes

Or at least find a trustworthy proxy.

An unfortunate reality of business is that sometimes companies misrepresent or don’t actually know the value of their own assets in full. When a company can’t pay you back and an account goes to collections, it can raise the tension between you and them.

That tension can either be resolved professionally and without much hassle, or it can lead to a lack of communication and clarity. To avoid that, you’ll want to take stock of the debtor business’ value yourself. Of course, you might not know what exactly to look for or have the ability to leave your own work to handle it personally.

That’s where in person asset evaluation and a collections agency comes in.

As a commercial collection service, we’ve done our fair share of collections throughout the years, and working with private investigators and in person assessment professionals tends to provide the best results. There are a number of reasons this tactic works so well.

  • An in person representative can generate a more realistic image of your debtor’s circumstances and total value, as the man on the ground can actively compare book and real values of various assets that may be overlooked or undisclosed.
  • Having an in person representative and agent can help facilitate a more direct and immediate response to debt collection. Ignoring a letter is easy, but ignoring someone on your doorstep is much harder.
  • Working with professional investigators means working with people who have a keen eye for value. If you don’t know how exactly to assess a debtor’s value because they work in another industry, for example, a professional may be able to support the investigation with their own knowledge and experience.
  • It can be a polite and more personable way to handle negotiations and secure debts that may have otherwise gone totally unpaid. Having a direct point of contact on the ground also means you can speed along communications or find suitable resolutions to debt disputes based on actual assets.

Beyond the explicit benefits of working with in person asset evaluation, having a professional collections agency on your side can significantly improve your own experience and fund management. Instead of spending time and resources chasing a debt while also trying to balance your own work, it is typically a much better investment to outsource that work.

We Can Help With In Person Asset Evaluation

We offer a wide range of commercial collection and financial services, but we’ve always stood by the value of private investigation, in person evaluation, and quick, direct debt resolution.

Remember that there are several methods of determining value, all of which can be better served by having someone in person observing and reporting on a businesses status:

  • Depending on what you’re looking for, there are anywhere between 5-7 common methods for valuation when it comes to assessing a business.
  • Looking at the explicit asset cost is one of the most common and immediate ways to assess a company’s capacity to pay back debts, but it’s not the only way!
  • Choosing the right valuation method and knowing what constitutes an asset that might be useful in resolving debts can be confusing. Remember that cost, market value, and intangible assets are all significant factors in determining the overall financial position of any company you might work with.

At Alexander, Miller and Associates, our goal is to help you navigate these complexities while also securing your unpaid debts in a fast, efficient, and professional manner. 

In addition to our direct collection services, we can also provide consultation and commercial collection related services to help you better prepare for and work through the collections process. We provide a range of potential solutions, offer complete transparency for our procedures and updates on your case, and provide clear timelines for your collection.

With licensed and bonded commercial debt collectors and private investigators that we’ve worked with for years, you can trust that your commercial collections will be handled by professionals with a record of successful past collections. Don’t let your debts go unpaid, Alexander, Miller and Associates is on your side.