On-Site Investigations and Debt Collection

On-site investigation and debt collection is one of the many tools we use here at Alexander, Miller & Associates to help secure outstanding accounts and achieve results for our clients. With years of experience in commercial debt recovery, we’ve learned that on-site commercial debt collection and investigation is one of the best ways to secure unpaid accounts and information from difficult to reach debtors.

Why is On-Site Debt Collection so effective?

On-Site Investigations and Debt Collection

The more information you have about a debtor’s assets and financial situation, the better equipped we are to help negotiate and collect on your unpaid accounts. On-site investigation allows us to get a first hand look at a debtor’s situation and collect more information to better support the collections process from beginning to end.

We pride ourselves on assembling as much accurate data as possible, with speed and efficiency so that we can carry out a smooth collection process every time. Our trained field representatives collect valuable informations using techniques such as:


  • Meeting debtors in person
  • Inspecting real estate at the debtor’s location
  • Discovering and identifying personal property (Including vehicles, inventory, assets, and equipment)
  • Calculating the value of that property or real estate using tax information, market values, mortgages, titles, and other legal documents

Everyone hopes for an easy and efficient collections process to help debtors pay off their debt and help companies collect their dues. With more information and a more accurate understanding of a debtor’s circumstances and financial situation, Alexander, Miller & Associates can help facilitate a better collections process.

Why work with Alexander, Miller & Associates?

On-Site Investigations and Debt Collection

We make every client’s debt a priority and achieve impressive results through persistence and professionalism. Our experience in the field of commercial debt recovery through on-site commercial debt collection and on-site investigation ensures that we help clients recover their unpaid accounts with minimal risk to ourselves or our clients.

Through the use of private investigators, we can expertly assess each debtor’s assets, giving us a strong foundation to pursue and collect the debt your business is owed. We also take our client’s privacy and reputation seriously, so all work we do is well within the confines of the law and appropriate collection practices. 

On-site investigation is just one of the many services we offer to companies interested in collecting on their unpaid accounts. For more information about commercial debt collection, on-site investigation, or our other financial services, don’t hesitate to reach out today.