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Transportation Companies – Collection Problems They Face

The work done by the transportation industry impacts everyone. With many of us dependent on packages being delivered swiftly and products being readily available in stores, it would be a massive shock to the economy and our daily lives to be without the benefits of a healthy transportation industry. 

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Alexander, Miller & Associates LLC Offers Commercial Debt Collecting Services for Transportation Industry

We are very honored to serve so many freight and trucking companies across the country. Our dedicated team of fraud examiners, licensed private investigators and commercial experts work hard for our clients to collect what they are owed. We take pride in our discrete but diligent commercial debt collection services for the transportation industry

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Why In Person Asset Evaluation Matters

Assessing the value of a company can be tricky. You need to understand the value of both the physical property and capital a business has, but also the potential value of intellectual properties, workflows, and the company as a whole package.

Understanding these values can help you make smarter choices when it comes to lending, buying, or selling with another company. But when you go to collections, knowing the value of a company that owes you is even more important.

So what do you look for when assessing a potential business partner, customer, or investment?

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On-Site Investigations and Debt Collection

On-site investigation and debt collection is one of the many tools we use here at Alexander, Miller & Associates to help secure outstanding accounts and achieve results for our clients. With years of experience in commercial debt recovery, we’ve learned that on-site commercial debt collection and investigation is one of the best ways to secure unpaid accounts and information from difficult to reach debtors.

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Collections and Covid-19

As a debt collection agency or a company staring down more than a few months of uncertain accounts, people have a lot of questions concerning how business continues with everything at present. 

The most common question, however, is a very general “what do I do now?” Businesses are worried about accounts going unpaid, employees furloughed or laid off, how can we seek out payment now and should we?

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Commercial Collections in Atlanta, GA

What is Commercial Collections?

Commercial collections, also called B2B debt collection, refers to the collection of delinquent accounts from businesses. Unlike consumer debt collection, in which businesses attempt to collect money from individuals for debts, commercial debt collection is limited to debts owed by companies to other companies. Commercial debt collections firms specialize in helping businesses to collect money owed to them by other businesses in order to reduce bad debt and improve revenue.

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Chicago Collections Agency

What is Commercial Collections?

When a business is struggling to get paid from individuals, the company can hire a debt collection firm to pursue and collect on those past due bills. But what happens when a business owes money to another business?

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Commercial Collections in New York

What is Commercial Collections?

Commercial collections is the process of collecting past due debts from businesses rather than from individuals. When a business has an overdue account with another business, a B2B debt collection company can provide assistance in getting the debt paid so that it doesn’t have to be written off.

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Commercial Collections in Phoenix, AZ

What is Commercial Collections?

Commercial collections, also known as business-to-business or B2B debt collection, is the process of collecting past due debts from businesses. Commercial debt collection is restricted to debts owed by companies, rather than debts owed by individuals.

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Commercial Collections Software Review

Unfortunately, businesses don’t always pay their bills on time. If your company is struggling to manage and collect on past due commercial accounts, commercial collections technology might be able to come to your rescue. There are many commercial collections software solutions on the market that might be able to help you clear more of those old invoices. But which commercial collections software is the right choice for your business?

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