Commercial Collections in Atlanta, GA

Commercial Collections in Atlanta

What is Commercial Collections?

Commercial collections, also called B2B debt collection, refers to the collection of delinquent accounts from businesses. Unlike consumer debt collection, in which businesses attempt to collect money from individuals for debts, commercial debt collection is limited to debts owed by companies to other companies. Commercial debt collections firms specialize in helping businesses to collect money owed to them by other businesses in order to reduce bad debt and improve revenue.

What Types of Businesses Can Benefit From Commercial Collections Assistance?

Atlanta Commercial Collections

A commercial collections firm can help nearly any size business in almost every B2B industry to collect on more past due accounts and ultimately bring more revenue into the business. In the same way that a business might outsource landscaping or package manufacturing, outsourcing the collection of past due accounts to an Atlanta commercial collections company can provide a lot of benefits to a company that is struggling to collect on past due invoices. For many businesses, working with a commercial collections firm in Atlanta can free up employee time to focus on other areas of the business, in addition to improving the bottom line. 

Commercial debt collections firms sometimes specialize in collections for a specific type of customer or debt. For example, some commercial collections firms only work on very large balances or invoices that are overdue for a specific period of time.. Other commercial collections firms choose to work collecting balances for clients in specific industries, such as heavy equipment rental; restaurant supply and equipment; trucking, transportation, and freight; wholesale seafood and produce; and other niche or specialized industries.

Commercial Collections in Atlanta, Georgia

Unlike many vendors a business will partner with, a commercial collections firm will actually act as a representative and contact clients directly for payment on behalf of your company. Given that your company’s reputation can be impacted by the level of professionalism of the commercial collections company, it’s important to choose an Atlanta, Georgia commercial collections agency that has demonstrated experience in the field and a commitment to ethical business practices.

It’s important to carefully research any potential commercial debt collection partners before entering into an agreement. You’ll want to work with a firm that has documented success in collections in your industry and your location. In addition to verifying their effectiveness at collecting commercial debts in Atlanta, you’ll want to ensure they are reputable and professional in their collection pursuits.

When to Consider Hiring an Atlanta Commercial Collections Firm

Hire Commercial Collections Firm in Atlanta

Most businesses have the best results collecting on invoices within sixty days of the due date. After that point, the effectiveness of internal collections efforts decreases drastically and requires a lot more resources to pursue the money due on the account. Also, the longer an account goes past due, it becomes less likely the invoice will ever be paid.  If your business is struggling to collect large balances or has a high number of accounts that are more than sixty days past due, it might be beneficial to consider working with an Atlanta commercial collections firm.

Outsourcing the collection of large balances and seriously delinquent accounts to a commercial collections firm in Atlanta can have several benefits for a business:

  • Generate more revenue
  • Fewer accounts written off as uncollectible
  • Higher customer retention after delinquency is resolved
  • Improve employee satisfaction
  • Increase effectiveness of internal collections by focusing accounts likely to be collected in-house
  • Employee time freed up to work on other areas of the business

Cost of Atlanta Commercial Collections

So, how much does all this cost? The expense is often the first concern when a business is considering outsourcing work that has always been handled in-house. The good news is that most commercial collections firms work on a contingency plan. That means the commercial collections company doesn’t get paid until they bring in revenue on the debts they were hired to collect. In most cases, the collections firm will retain a portion of the amount collected on the overdue balance and forward the rest to the company to whom the debt was originally owed. This creates a win-win scenario, because your business isn’t out any additional funds while those past due balances are being collected, and the commercial collections firm is highly incentivized to collect on those past due accounts, because that’s the only way they get paid.

The actual amount of the contingency is usually a percentage of the amount collected and varies based on different factors, including the amount of debt to be collected, the type of debt, the age of the account, and the type of work required to collect the balance. 

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