Five Ways to Get Your Not Paying Customer on the Phone

One issue that always comes up in the debt recovery process is getting a hold of a customer. What happens when you run into difficulties getting a delinquent client on the phone? It can be easy to rush to judgement when this happens and you can even start believing that the client is purposely avoiding a you.

Sometimes this is the case – and sometimes it’s not.

Most debt collectors know that you shouldn’t start the debt recovery process with this assumption. There can be many reasons for a late payment, so before concluding that the client is deliberately evading you, pause for a moment and consider these five ways to get through to them on the phone:

Timing: Are you calling the customer at the same time each day?
Are you calling the client at the same time everyday and not making progress? Perhaps the particular timing of your call in inconvenient for them and they too busy to take the call. Try spreading your calls throughout the day; be sure to leave messages and begin to escalate the urgency on the issue with each successive call.

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Timing: Are you calling the customer at the same time each day?

Are you calling the customer on their main line and not getting through? In this case try calling the main line. In most cases you will reach a receptionist at the front desk who will be more than happy to transfer you to the direct contact.

Are you leaving voicemails and not getting return calls? You will need to stress the seriousness and urgency of each successive message you leave on their voicemail. Follow up the message with an email that reiterates the importance of recovering the debt.

Are your emails also being ignored? Send a certified letter by way of snail mail. Sending a certified letter is of the utmost importance in debt recovery cases where the issue cannot be solved outside of court. This is an official document that can be used in the legal process and requires a signature. When sending a certified letter be sure to be detailed with the timing in question including all dates and figures surrounding the debt recovery process.

Still no progress?  When you get to this point, leave one last message informing them that as a last resort you must turn the matter over to a debt collector. By this time you have exhausted all possibilities to reach out to get your debt paid on your own and it will be worth it to you to have a professional debt recovery service take over. Don’t waste any more of your valuable time! Contact Alexander Miller and Associates today!

When you turn over the account to debt collection agency, you can sigh a breath of relief. No more hassle of leaving voicemail or writing letters, you can now focus your time and energy on more important things.